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Evolve yourself and your team! On all fronts! With 15 simple habits!

Lead through change with grace
Become an all-weather leader with improved composure, adaptability, and resilience in the fast-changing world full of disruptions.
Make intelligent decisions the norm
Make the best decision in every situation with holistic perspectives free of hidden cognitive biases and short-sightedness.
Solve problems with inspiring finesse
Understand different layers of a problem and solve them creatively with mental models that are derived from the principles of design thinking and behavioral science.
Communicate with high emotional intelligence
Understand yourself and the people around you better to engage with them in a fruitful way with mental models to improve emotional intelligence, listening, and storytelling.

Curated by a Real leader. Curated from Real leaders.

These habits are mental models for forward thinking curated from
The routine practices of various highly successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, sports personalities and icons.
The research works of eminent strategists, academicians who specialize in the field of conscious thinking
The real-life serial-entrepreneurship experience of running multiple start-ups of the author herself

15 habits in
4 easy-to-digest modules

Module 1

1. A Ritual

2. One day to today

3. Writing notes
Module 2

4. Bring in Awe

5. Hero in the neighbourhood

6. Ask2Grow

7. Show don’t tell
Module 3

8. Together we listen

9. Empathy Mapping

10. Aligning to the purpose

11. Say no to marginal thinking
Module 4

12. Creative Confidence

13. Improve

14. Grand Gestures

15. Inversion Thinking
Check their transformations below

Hear it from your fellow forward thinking leaders!

The course is a great insight into the things that we know but probably have never given any importance due to ignorance. It is a great eyeopener and the habits have been put forth in a very practical way that can be easily understood and applicable for all walks of life.
Dr Manisha Gupta
This course personally has been a great experience for me. Something that I would always treasure. After the lockdown had started, staying put at home had somewhere shaken my confidence and personal growth. But through your course, I have been able to attain my lost strengths and gain new ones. I am very happy that I signed up for it. And thank you for putting all this together.
CS Sidharth, Zerodha
SHIFT is an extremely effective course that has impacted my way of working. Under the guidance of Vishakha and her course, one can seamlessly develop the habits of effective critical thinking. Besides, it also helps one to make better decisions, better habits lead to efficient work productivity.
Shashank Kolekar, Infosys

The SHIFT Framework Practical and Powerful

The carefully designed and well-tested framework provides mental models to navigate through the 3 dimensions of conscious thinking. These habits make adoption and application easier by connecting the concepts of self, daily processes and social surroundings together.
You, the individual at centre
Shift starts by nudging you to consciously think about your thinking itself and understand your challenges on your path to become a better thinker
Daily Processes
Once the challenges are understood, Shift enables you to identify and choose the key processes to improve your thinking.
The Social Surroundings
The identified processes are improved through various cues and ideas found abundant from your social surrounding.
Who is this course for

Made for leaders taking crucial decisions every hour in this world of disruptions

Corporate leaders
with 5+ years of experience and ready to enter new stages of growth.
Start-up leaders
who are ready to lead and navigate through uncertainties.
Private-practice professionals
and freelancers ready to drive their business towards greater success.

More than a certification! A true Shift!

This course enables leaders to systematically build confidence in individual thinking, creative thinking, critical thinking by nudging them to
Replace Fixed mindset with Growth mindset
Take a deeper approach to Thinking as an acquired skill
Approach disruptions constructively
Instil and maintain the sense of wonder that is essential to stay innovative
Identity, pick up and nurture their own thinking habits through their own experiences
About the Author

I am Vishakha Singh

I am here to help you steer your path to a successful leader though habits and mental models that will empower your own thinking.
"With 20 years of extensive work experience as a media professional and an entrepreneur, the notable thing I have learnt is that creative, innovative thinking is a skill that can be acquired."
• Design Thinking (from MIT)
• Business & Brand Strategies
• Products & Services Innovations
• Communication & Content Strategy
Entrepreneurial Profile
• Right Box: A consumer service for unused gifts
• Red Polka: A curated fashion commerce venture
• Aurora Comms: A shopper marketing firm
Corporate Profile
• Future Media: Strategy & Insights
• Times Now: Business & Brand strategy
• CNBC TV 18: Marketing & Alliances
• Times Entertainment: Brand Marketing
Let’s get started.

Make forward thinking key to your peerless decision making skills

A course that takes just a month yet facilitates your growth forever!

Ease of access
Delivered through Canvas -A simple and flexible platform that provides a robust digital framework for all aspects of learning.
Access available from anywhere and at anytime
Ease of understanding
15 habits spread across 4 easily digestible modules
Short & clear lectures with zero jargon
Compelling supplementary articles and research papers
Learn at your own pace with access for 4 weeks
Ease of application & validation
Each habit comes with a note on how to implement the ideas into action
A live one-on-one session with the author
Easy self-assessments at the end of every module
Ease of retention and self-training
Recalls beyond online — Effective & aesthetic note Cards delivered to the home for free
Follow up nudge emails from the author for 15 weeks
Lifetime access to the newsletter — Retain and learn new habits from the author every week

Frequently asked Questions

Is there a particular age group for the course?

No. The course is designed for anyone who wants to accelerate his/her growth at the workplace.

How will I access the course?

The course is available on a platform called Canvas. Once you register, you will receive all the details. 

How long will the course take to complete?

It is a self-paced course and it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to cover the course.

Can I complete the course faster?

Yes, if you wish to though it is not recommended. When you take the course at a regular pace, you tend to retain better than doing at a rushed pace. 

I have changed my mind and I do not want to do the course. What should I do?

You can write to us and we will refund you the full amount within three days of the start of the course. No questions asked. If later than three days from the start of the course, refund won’t be possible. 

What will be one-on-one sessions about?

The one-on-one session is to help you with your doubts and challenges and introduces you to how these interconnected habits come together to facilitate your growth.

When will the one-on-one session with the author take place?

The 30-min session will be scheduled with the author as you finish module 2 or module 3. It will be conducted over zoom.

What are mental models?

Mental models are frameworks that help us understand how things work. They shape our thinking by connecting experiences and learnings.

Train forward thinking with Vishakha every week!

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